Space for Clear Thinking

Where we work influences how we work. Looking at nature does something to us: At Bergwerk, there is an atmosphere of clarity that enables free thinking. And if things get stuck somewhere, people meet on the terrace to go for a swing.

Values that drive us.








Listening, questioning, understanding – a personal conversation is important to us. It motivates. It inspires. It is the basis of successful cooperation. That is why we consciously and gladly take the time to do so.

Enthusiasm comes when committed people want to achieve the same goal. When they have fun, feel joy and work wholeheartedly. It motivates our Kumpels – internally and externally.

We love to discover new things. Think differently, move existing things around, surprise with development. The energy we get from our thinking and ideas gives us the power for creative concepts.

A strong will moves mountains. This includes courage, strength and confidence in one's own abilities. We encourage ourselves and our customers to develop strong and above all goodwill. We want to do something good.

Clear thoughts, clear decisions, clear communication: Clarity creates trust and clarifies expectations. That is why we are always ready for a clear conversation. As long as it is constructive and helps us all move forward.

Engaged people want to make a difference. With their thinking, their language – with their appearance, behavior and action. This desire to achieve is the driving force behind our work. Because we believe in what we're doing. Authentic, down-to-earth and positive.

The desire for success is an important and correct motivation – at work as well as in private life. We promote and demand success. We enjoy it the most when it goes hand in hand with that of our customers.

Strategists, consultants, creatives, Kumpels.

Successful brand work is always teamwork. People from different backgrounds work at Bergwerk, with a common goal: to get the best out of themselves in order to achieve the best for the customer.

We Are Looking For You

We want to be one of the best branding agencies in Germany. A lofty goal. Many of our customers say we already are. We need you to broaden our spectrum.

Current Jobs

Our network: Specialized knowledge on demand

We can do a lot, but not everything. For this reason, we seek support from partners who we have known for a long time and who we know that they work as conscientiously and professionally as we do. This ensures that you can always rely on complete service from a single source.

Like architects, we develop the basics from idea and concept and then coordinate the various steps that complete the project by hand. In this way, we ensure that the result is in perfect harmony with the project goals. Of course, even with an extended team, you only have one contact person at Bergwerk.