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First Job – Expectations and Development

Alina took up her first job after graduation. At Bergwerk. Here she talks about her impressions.

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Alina Bäthke

The first job is an exciting milestone in everyone's life. After years of preparation, it is finally time to put the knowledge I have learned into practice and prove myself in the working world. But with this new challenge comes expectations and the hope for personal development.

When I had my first working day at Bergwerk two months after graduating from the vocational school for product design in Selb, the excitement was, of course, huge. The normal school routine that was known up to now will no longer exist. No more exams, but also no more vacations. Through my trial period, I was able to get a glimpse of what was in store for me. Yet I had a lot of expectations.

The biggest difference to my education is probably that I am now designing for customers and not for myself anymore. I can express my own personality during my own design project. With a customer design, on the other hand, I need to understand the customer's brand identity and reflect this in the design. These are challenges that I face in everyday working life and from which I can learn and develop myself.

The saying “Turn your hobby into a job, then you'll never have to work” is actually true. After my gastronomic job during schoool, where my motivation was rather limited, there was not only the excitement of starting a new phase of my life, but also the fear of “having to” and not “wanting” to go to work. However, this fear quickly subsided, not only due to the numerous varied projects, but also to the very special working environment at Bergwerk and the Kumpels who, in addition to their professionalism, are also incredibly fun.

The opportunity to surpass myself and the learning process, which begins with the first job and practical experience, is like embarking on an exciting adventure. I can learn new skills, build on my strengths, and improve my weaknesses. By working with experienced colleagues, I can benefit from their knowledge and experience and thus continuously develop myself. In my first year, I took a big step forward not only in terms of skill, but also personally.

Overall, my first job is an important step in my career. I am really looking forward to the future of mining and to new challenges.

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