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Bergwerk Goes International

Our website is now available in two languages. Lea and Annalisa explain why they recommend this step to everyone.

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There has recently been a new feature launched on the Bergwerk Website. At first glance, this is just a small button in the navigation that allows you to choose between “German” and “English”. What seems like a small detail at first is a decisive step towards internationality and inclusion for us.

Our decision to go international

After Webflow, the content management system behind our website, presented the new internal translation function, we made the decision quickly: Bergwerk will also be available in English in the future.

Because at Bergwerk, we love to constantly develop and explore new paths. This also includes opening ourselves up to new target groups.

Reducing language barriers means gaining clients all over the world. It also provides security and makes users feel welcome.

The technical innovation at Webflow has enabled us to set up the translation for the existing German-language website and receive initial automated translation suggestions for all content. With the help of our native speaker Helena, we were able to revise these suggestions and launch the English-language version within a very short time.

Generate reach with multilingual websites

By translating our website, we are not only showing our own openness, but also giving our customers the opportunity to present themselves internationally.

Translation into English plays a particularly important role here. English is the most spoken language in the world and therefore also the language of the Internet. The availability of English-language content ensures that it can be read and understood in almost all parts of the world.

In addition, many people find access to the content of a website initially through a translation. A multilingual website automatically becomes more attractive to search engines, because with every language, there are also more keywords that Google & Co. users can use to find the website.

Do you still need manually translated websites today?

Many browsers now offer their users the option of automatically displaying any website in any language. This raises the question: Does it even make sense to put effort into translating a website?

We are of the clear conviction: Yes, definitely.

Automated translations are prone to errors. Especially with proper names and proverbs, even advanced, AI-supported translation software such as DeepL is struggling.

Our aim is not just to translate content literally. We want to ensure that our content is authentic and appealing even in the translated language. With a specially provided translation, you retain control and can also appear professionally internationally with maximum quality.


Even though the introduction of the international version of our website requires a certain amount of additional effort, we are firmly convinced that it is worthwhile.

We are happy to help you set up multilingual websites or translate existing websites. For greater reach, inclusion and openness.

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