BPD Immobilienentwicklung

Development of Real Estate Project Brands


A home is more than just four walls. This was true long before the new residents moved in. A new residential district needs an unmistakable profile early on that arouses interest, emotionalizes and creates desire. In short: It must become a brand in order to assert itself on the market. BPD Südwest in Nuremberg commissioned us to create such a profile for several residential projects in the region. We developed the name, the visual appearance, a slogan and an exposé that presents the residential projects in detail.

BPD is one of the largest project and area developers in Europe and has a strong presence in the Netherlands and Germany. Since its founding in 1946, the company has built around 400,000 residential units.


“Brandbach” is the name of a residential project in Neunkirchen am Brand near Nuremberg. Our visual solution dramatizes the location in the countryside in which future residents will be at home. They enjoy the benefits of the region and yet live close to the city. That is also what the slogan says – simply “Well located.”


The BPD projects stand out with coherent concepts and a clear brand language. Interested parties are emotionally addressed and convinced by facts. The projects prevail over the competition and the sale of apartments is effectively supported.