Brand Relaunch, ESG Report Design


On the occasion of RENK's 150th anniversary in 2023, a new brand identity took account of the company's impressive development. The aim of the ESG report presented for the first time in 2023 was to convincingly document RENK's sustainability strategy.

The RENK Group, Augsburg, is one of the world's leading providers of drive and control technology. RENK develops systems for the reliable use of high forces and torques to power vehicles, ships and machinery.

  • Location:
  • Augsburg
  • Company locations:
  • in Europe, America and Asia
  • Number of employees:
  • over 3,000


The new RENK logo is at the heart of the updated brand identity. It is restrained and sovereign at the same time, impresses with its visual harmony and can easily be used internationally. The new RENK base color is deep blue. The additional color orange highlights details and creates visual accents.

The ESG report appears fresh and light-footed, but provides a wealth of reliable figures and measures. This balance is convincing and contributes to an enjoyable reading of the report.


The new brand identity shows RENK as a company that is aware of its roots and is passionate about the challenges of the future. The acceptance of the new logo is high worldwide. At RENK's IPO in October 2023, it proved its seriousness and dynamism.

With its clear, contemporary and fresh design, the ESG report received international attention and recognition.