IHA – Die Hydraulik-Akademie

Brand Development


In order to convey the content of the seminars to potential training participants in a clear, understandable and goal-oriented manner, the content and concept of the existing 24-page seminar brochure should be revised.

Founded in 2007 by the company Hansa-Flex, IHA based in Dresden, is now one of the top addresses for education and training as well as for certified tests in the areas of hydraulics and pneumatics.

  • Location:
  • Dresden
  • Number of employees:
  • 16, including 10 trainers
  • Trained people:
  • 25,000


In the initial workshop, in addition to the seminar content, we also developed an awareness of the company as a whole, the IHA brand and the market. This resulted in a sharpened profile and a consolidation of core competencies, which are reflected in the new name “IHA – Die Hydraulik-Akademie” and the service statement “We advise, test, train”. In this new awareness, the trademark was also carefully but effectively adjusted. The dynamic white on red lettering is prominently positioned in a rectangle and attracts attention. In addition to revising the content and design of the seminar brochure, we developed all IHA communication tools in a new corporate design.


The image of IHA is an expression of a new self-image. The evolutionary development of the brand sharpens its own identity and combines the tried and tested with the new. The perfect balance.