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Brand Development


The traditional architecture firm Holzmüller + Detsch in Bayreuth was renamed Kupfergrau following a change of ownership. This new start is supported by an innovative and aesthetically sophisticated brand image and carried into a successful future.

Kupfergrau Architekten GmbH in Bayreuth stands for a holistic approach to architecture. For Kupfergrau, holistic approach means that the client receives comprehensive support long before planning and long after moving in.

  • Location:
  • Bayreuth
  • Employees:
  • 45
  • Completed projects:
  • 1,250 (since 1982) *

*As of November 2023


The “expressive” name Kupfergrau served as an inspiration for the brand image. With its minimalism and elegance, the slim lettering in dark gray attracts attention and is remembered. The font color with the copper tint also comes from the company name. This interplay is consistent across all means of communication. Its effect is supported by typography that is as aesthetic as it is functional. The photos from the website were taken by Mario Schmitt.

Natural materials such as wood or stone as the basis for the color scheme
Screenshot of Kupfergrau's Instagram profile with designed highlight icons


The new brand identity perfectly represents Kupfergrau's holistic architectural approach: clear and sophisticated, clean craftsmanship, aesthetic – simply convincing. And it convincingly reflects the company's three core values: trust, responsibility and innovation. The brand image was awarded the German Design Award 2023 for excellent communication design.