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Stefan Hammel, owner of Harema GmbH in Rodgau, also reflects on clean solutions in brand work.

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Stefan Hammel, owner of Harema GmbH

As a specialist wholesaler and manufacturer of professional cleaning equipment, we provide cutting-edge, sustainable solutions for building cleaning. We have always been well positioned when it comes to our products and sales. We had an established quality management system and clear, proven production and sales processes. More and more often, however, I was concerned with the question of the “above all”: What stands out above the whole, what distinguishes Harema, what is our core, our guiding principle? Away from everyday life, on a mountain tour, I realized that we are always driven by the best – the best in products, the best in human interaction.

The “doing the best every day” approach laid the basis for our brand values, which we called the Ten Commandments. They have remained unchanged for years and still define our Code of Values, against which we are measured. They can be found in every office, at every workplace. New employees receive them on their first working day, including training. Everyone in the company takes them seriously. We all stand behind them and that is why we also communicate them on our website. The positive customer feedback proves us right.

It wasn't an easy path

Transferring these new ideas to the company was a major challenge. There were conflicts at team leader meetings and sales meetings, and the topic competed with other items on the agenda. The trick was to concentrate on what was really important and then put all your energy into practice. In addition to the Ten Commandments, this also affected our social commitment. The local projects, from the 'mom and pop shop' to the handball club to flood relief, were and are matters close to our hearts.

What does a strong brand mean?

A brand is generally highly valued by customers. It is associated with a high level of relevance and recognition. This is true in the B2C sector as well as in B2B. However, a brand also raises expectations: Products and companies must be completely convincing at all times. The Harema claim of “efficient systems – clean solutions” must be met at all levels. For me, this also includes ISO certification or patent and trademark protection for my own products.

The meaning of logo components

The logo shapes the brand. Our logo consists of lettering that dates back to the 80s. We have thought of this and removed all logo extensions from recent years. The focus is now on the Harema lettering in blue with the green “a”. It stands for cleanliness and sustainability. For us, green is not just a current trend, but a deep-rooted attitude. For example, we operate a 100 kW photovoltaic system, which covers 75% of our own electricity requirements. Other green projects are already being planned.

How to get to Bergwerk and the new website

“If expectations are met and exceeded on the creative level and then the personal level is right, then nothing stands in the way of long-term cooperation. The collaboration with Hans-Peter Brendel and his Bergwerk has existed for over fifteen years.

As part of our digitization strategy and with my daughter joining the company, I wanted a new website. Our briefing was brief: We wanted the best website in the industry. I think the free task was both a curse and a blessing for Bergwerk. Use the latest technology – of course. But what should the wow factor be? The mining experts got into strategic work. Which visual language and which story underline Harema's values? How do I get the best digital platform to present the products and the company?

The butterfly logo element gradually became the leitmotif of the website. It stands for lightness, cleanliness, weightlessness, sustainability and freshness. Topics that were in line with our brand and values and that were easy to implement visually. Bergwerk modeled the butterfly completely in 3D. The user meets him from the start page to the menu. Technically sophisticated gimmicks, such as the butterfly that lands on the side or suddenly appears elsewhere, surprise and thus have exactly the effect we wanted. All product retouching and composing also come from Bergwerk. The basis of the website is a solid content management system that we can edit ourselves.”

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Harema GmbH
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*Status: 2021

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