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Courage Is Worth It

The chairman of the Adalbert-Raps-Stiftung, Frank Alexander Kühne, uses the power of the brand to differentiate.

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Frank Alexander Kühne, Chairman of the Adalbert-Raps-Stiftung

When I took over the board of the Adalbert-Raps-Stiftung, I thought: If we do something, we should do it right. And by that I meant all areas. So we began to question the purposes of the foundation: What effect have the previous projects had on society? Were they also noticeable in application? From this, we developed the working thesis 'There are enough social projects, but the many small things are missing.' Everyday life in the social sector, which is often overshadowed by the perception of large social projects. There, we took a closer look and decided to support projects that are broadly perceptible and noticeable. We want to reach the makers – the people who work at the grassroots level.

Qualified, clean and definitely chic

With this decision, the importance of our external communication also grew. In 2020, the Adalbert-Raps-Stiftung existed for 40 years. There had hardly been any public relations work, and when it did, it was implemented in-house. It wasn't the level I wanted. The foundation should present itself in a more valuable way – as a brand that values its history and is committed to the future. Qualified, clean and definitely chic. With our new presence, we are differentiating ourselves with a clear profile. Our modern and eye-catching brand image is based on our founder, is thus personified and yet keeps the necessary distance from the Raps company.

Our new website has an impact on our work and on our projects. The employees and the board of directors fully identify with the new website; they are proud of it. Our public relations, the website, but also formats such as webinars or social media are very important today. Developing our new logo and relaunching our website was just the right step. A “new” identity and new self-confidence have emerged.

The way to and into Bergwerk

Our first contact with the Bergwerk agency came about through a pitch. The commitment and high level of emotionality have convinced us. Hans-Peter Brendel and his team were one hundred percent motivated and committed. They helped us structure our thoughts and encouraged us time and again to look at our own DNA. Dealing with the topics of values and formal language has thus led us to take the bold step of presenting it today. The passion of the mining team has left a lasting impression on each of us. The graphic artists went along freely and courageously, and as soon as we saw this suggestion, it was immediately clear to us: That's it. The new brand identity honors the intellectual heritage of Adalbert Raps and at the same time does justice to our current work and the modern character of our foundation.

As soon as we saw this proposal, it was immediately clear to us: That's it. <span class="quote-author">Frank Alexander Kühne, Chairman of the Adalbert-Raps-Stiftung</span>

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Quick facts
  • Headquarters: Kulmbach
  • Staff: 6 full-time employees, 3 honorary board members
  • Projects supported: 70*

*Status: 2020

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