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Our Motto for 2024: Energy of Lightness

What is behind our annual motto for 2024 and why it inspires us.

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Lightness as the opposite of gravity is more than just a physical quantity. It is also a state, a feeling. Lightness inspires, allows us to go into the day with joy and confidence. It gives us strength and creativity. Lightness makes what we do mature, coherent and extraordinary by itself.

Is it easy to complete tasks with ease? No. Lightness is hard. You have to work them out. It grows out of talent, training and skill. It needs clear guidelines, focus and concentration.

At Bergwerk, the energy of lightness can already be felt everywhere. In our project work, in dealing with each other, in our premises. But we want to further strengthen it so that we can benefit even more from it. To achieve this, we have made the energy of lightness our motto for the year. In 2024, it will particularly shape the way we think and act. Let's get on with it! We are looking forward to traveling together.

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