Owner — Strategist — Advisor
Hans-Peter Brendel
Hans-Peter Brendel
Special Skills
  • Impulse Giver
  • Sparring Partner
  • Strategy Consultant
  • Point-of-view Creator
Lifelong curiosity. New learning.

Hans-Peter – born 1967 – Capricorn.
Married since 1990, 2 children.
Entrepreneur since 1994… and felt like a long time before that.

He is characterized by his principle of “courage & trust”, which he has defined as a life motto together with Ulli.
It creates perspectives for Bergwerk, for our customers. He develops possible paths.
His strengths are strategy consulting and strategic work. This includes empathy and sympathy as well as quick comprehension. Coupled with joy and fun.

As a family person and entrepreneur, he likes to work and advise positive-thinking people – the real entrepreneurs. He often likes to use the power of freedom.
People like to go with him for walks in nature. An entrepreneurial and personal journey of discovery for yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Often the most valuable basis for a good future strategy.

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