Creative — Visualizer — Free Spirit
Thomas Sachs
Thomas Sachs
Creative Direction
Special Skills
  • Brand Development
  • Concept
  • Information Design
  • Basic layout/grid
In calmness lies strength.

During his studies as a media designer (Bachelor of Arts) at Hof University as a working student back in 2014, Thomas showed us that he is a creative and committed all-rounder.

Concept, design, information design and dedication to layout grids are just a few examples of his extensive repertoire. It was only logical that he was officially hired as a “full-fledged” Kumpel right after graduation. Today, as art director, he has a firm grip on the agency's creative skills. He impressively implements his skills with customer wishes and – not only thanks to a trainer's certificate – is also happy to pass them on to his Kumpels.

His creative qualities as well as his humor, his composure and his humanity are contagious. In addition to work, he also likes to travel with people and is involved in regional child and youth work. He likes to prove that “man” is only as old as one feels through his playful nature and his love for noodles with ketchup.

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