Digital — Detail-Lover — Traveler
Annalisa Fischer
Annalisa Fischer
UX/UI Designer
Special Skills
  • Screen Design
  • Prototyping
  • Structured
Keep it simple, keep it clear, but never forget to make people say WOW.

While still clearly focused on print during her training as a media designer, Annalisa got to know and love the digital world during her studies in media design. After working for a Berlin agency for some time, Annalisa missed the greenery around her. And that's how her career as a web designer at Bergwerk began. Nonetheless, always armed with pen and paper – she just can't do without paper.
The big city has not let go of her for a long time and when she is not on a city trip at short notice, Annalisa also enjoys traveling and discovering new landscapes and places.

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