Germany, Here I Am

Helena is training as a media designer at Bergwerk. Here she talks about what drives her.

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Helena Endreß

While I was on a plane on my way from my home in America to Germany, I realized at that moment that my entire life was changing forever. As an artist, I was always looking for new adventured and inspiration, and that was exactly what I was hoping for. It wasn't an easy decision to continue my education in a foreign country – but I was driven by the desire to dive into a creative and culturally enriching experience.

In Germany, I was immediately impressed by the combination of history and modernity. I visited big cities with beautiful modern buildings and crazy art scenes, but also small towns with unique character. There are so many things here that inspire me and that I am now incorporating into my professional career. I knew right away that I was in the perfect place.

Getting settled into my new environment wasn't without challenges. Adapting to a different language and culture required patience and openness. But the warmth and hospitality of the people here made the transition easier for me. "Proper German" is still a bit difficult for me, as I have picked up the Franconian accent of family and friends who grew up here, but I always do my best. German language is a difficult language – as they say.

I learn a lot in vocational school. The curriculum combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience. The teachers are all experienced professionals who are interested in promoting our creative growth and technical skills. I never thought there was so much to learn about colors, and I'm sure I've just scratched the surface. What I particularly like is the focus on experimentation and innovation. My team encourages me to think beyond traditional design ideas and let my creativity run wild.

I have now completed the first year of my education and I see how my skills have developed and matured. I can now look at the entire creative process step by step and work with my Kumpels to find out what fits the project best. The impulses of my friends, teachers and colleagues motivate me to refine my work, to look at the details even more closely.

The process of being in school and at the same time gaining practical experience in a great agency shapes me as a whole person. It's not just about which shapes, colors, or programs to use – it's about personal growth, immersion in culture, and working together as a team. I remember how my first idea was selected and implemented. It's a feeling I'll never forget. All of this confirms that I've made the right decision to come here. I'm looking forward to the next two years!

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