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A Heart and a Paw

Laura and Zazu are an experienced team that has a positive influence on the working environment and productivity through their peace and joy.

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Agency manager Laura together with Zazu, a golden retriever
Laura Brendel

Laura and Zazu – the feel-good team at Bergwerk

At Bergwerk, we value professional work and creative solutions and the well-being of our team. Since 2020, we have had a special employee who puts us in a good mood every day: Zazu, our feel-good manager. Together with his owner Laura, the agency manager, he brings a unique mix of peace, balance and joy to our everyday work.


Zazu – our lovely feel-good manager

Zazu is a golden retriever and has been part of our team since 2020. With his loyal and friendly manner, he quickly crept into the hearts of all colleagues and customers. Healthwise, Zazu had to go through a lot in his young life, but his unwavering will to live and his cheerful nature have made him a strong and happy dog. He is a real fighter and a wonderful example of how to make the best of life despite challenges.


A stressful working day – Zazu in action

Zazu's daily work routine is quite demanding. Sleeping, looking sweet, paying attention and eating, of course, are among his main tasks. He greets customers in a friendly manner and likes to invite them to cuddle, which not only lifts the mood but also creates a relaxed atmosphere. Zazu's presence brings peace and harmony to the team, which has a very positive effect on productivity and the working environment.


Laura and Zazu – a strong team

Laura and Zazu are a well-rehearsed team. Laura not only takes care of the agency's strategic direction and operational tasks, but also ensures that Zazu feels comfortable and is able to optimally fulfill his role as a feel-good manager. The two have a special connection based on mutual trust and love. This connection is reflected in their work and contributes to the positive atmosphere at Bergwerk.



Zazu is more than just a dog – he is an important part of our team and contributes significantly to our well-being. Together with Laura, he ensures that Bergwerk is not only a workplace, but also a place of wellbeing. We are grateful to have Zazu on our team and look forward to many more years with our feel-good manager.

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