de Sain

Designer — Visionary — Language Talent
Linda de Sain
Linda de Sain
Special Skills
  • Editorial
  • Typography
  • Dictionary
Design is a language that everyone understands.

Linda, born dutch and raised close to Frankfurt, has lived in Upper Franconia for many years now.  She is very internationally oriented and has focused on multilingual design in Korean and English in her bachelor thesis in communication design. The language interest stems on the one hand from passion and on the other hand from previous training as a foreign language assistant.

But in the end, her heart beats for good design and graphic design. She feels particularly at home in the print sector. After her trial period, she was so impressed by Bergwerk and the Kumpels that there was no room for doubt – she wanted to stay here! She now supports Bergwerk as a media designer with a lot of passion, a talent for communication and the constant will to try out new things.

Linda in the blog

Between the Lines: Challenges and Opportunities of Bilingual Typography

Linda offers insights into a topic that combines her love for languages and her passion for graphic design.